Friday, February 23, 2007

We hold these truths to be self-evident......

Slavery has been abolished in America for over 150 years, but this sad practice is still continuing in the 21st century all over the world. God blessed America by abolishing slavery, but other nations have not given up this abominable thing. "According to National Geographic, there are 27 million slaves in the world today - more than at any other time in history."(From The Amazing Change)

There is a wonderful campaign called The Amazing Change

Visit the Amazing Change Website

This organization highlights the work of William Wilberforce in England. The main goal of this organization is to raise awareness of the slavery that continues to thrive in the world today. The Amazing Change has a list of Ten Things You Can Do.
So far, I've signed the petition and I hope to send a letter to my congressman in a week or so.
I'll be going to see Amazing Grace

Visit the Amazing Grace Movie Website

I've read a review from Solo Femininity and I look forward to viewing it soon. I hope to(maybe!) write a movie review(though I'm not very good at it.). They also have some cool shirts.
I hope you pray along with me about what God would have us to do in reference to this.

Love, Adrienne Renea

Sunday, February 18, 2007


So I'll set my sights upon You,
set my life upon Your praise;
never looking to another way.
You alone will be my passion,
Jesus, You will be my song:
You will find me longing after You.

Ah, a fabulous song!

There have been alot of people sick at church..especially this Sunday, even Pastor VanWright wasn't well enough to teach this morning. They definitely need your prayer! So my dad shared a testimony about servanthood and we had extended worship(which I always enjoy!). It's really neat, we got some Na( Conference Promo shirts today. They're awesome!


On Friday Allyson and I went the awesome, Kari Perez's 18th birthday party which included a stop at Denny's and a scavenger hunt at Wal-mart. It was fabulous fun!
Kari is top row, second from left.

She is like the first of our history group gals to reach the "big 18"! Go her! It's so scary to realize that by the end of this year Sarah, Emily, Kari, Leslie, and I will all be 18! Only God and my parent's can prepare me to be an adult! The Modesty Survey

I'd like to direct you to the Modesty Survey! It is finally open and I'd like to suggest the ladies go and check it out. Some of it maybe helpful. :c) It was very interesting to read through some of the results and text messages. I am continually reminded modesty starts in the heart and God's word must continually be our guide on how we dress.

Blog Review

I'd like to recommend this blog to all singles! Ms. Carolyn McCulley authors this blog, she is also the writer of the book: Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? She has some great encouragement for singles who want to wait on God and serve Him by being single. I check it everyday and she really has some great posts.

I'm glad I finally got this updated! So I'll leave you with a song we sang at church today. It's one of my fav's!!

You bought me, saved me, cleansed me, changed me;
I just want to thank you now my Lord, for what You’ve done.

You loved me, filled me, touched me, healed me;
I just want to thank you now my Lord, for what You’ve done.

You’re slow to anger and abounding in love.
Though my sins are many, I’ve been washed in Your blood,
And through Your death on the cross at Calvary,
I am free, free indeed!

Love, Adrienne Renea