Sunday, January 21, 2007

Prayer Please!!!


My dear sister Allyson is down with something that looks like the flu, but it hasn't been confirmed. It may just be a serious cold. Please pray that she gets better soon! She has a debate tournament this weekend and needs all her strengh to participate. She'll be really happy to know that others are praying for her quick recovery!


Love, Adrienne Renea


Anonymous said...

I'll pray, Adie. Pray for my family too. I'm pretty much the only one who doesn't have the flu, strep, a bad cold, or who knows what!

I'll see you in less than 48 hours!!


-Madame Zebra

J-Wall said...

Hey @ - I saw Allyson briefly today but didn't get to talk to her. At least it seemed like she was doing a lot better. Well enough to be there, anyway. :D I hope the Lord continues to keep y'all healthy.