Friday, April 6, 2007

Another year.....

Today I turned 18! WOOT! I had a fabulous day, I woke up this morning, baked my cake, prayed with Kamyl, Kiana, and Tiara, then hung out with Sarah.

Sarah and I went to the Galleria and ate lunch at the Cheesescake Factory and acted soo mature....we then wandered the mall..and bought cool stuff.

Allyson and I took a bunch of random pictures today, so here they are!


House of Pie's Coffee is the best!

I love this picture of Allyson!

Allyson and her pancakes!

Table photograghy :c)


Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday, gorgeous.

I love you!


J-Wall said...

Hey, is that "sooo mature" part a lie? Well, is it?!
I'm glad you had such a mah-velous boifday. The pictures are awesome. So you are a table photographer? Heehee.