Saturday, November 10, 2007

Week Wrap-Up

Earlier this week, I got to vote for the first time in the State Election! I enjoyed reading about the issues and giving an informative vote for the state constitutional amendments up for election. There were also some bonds up for passing in our county. I truly believe in few taxes and states rights. So I voted against all tax increases and all other unnecessary money allotments. Sadly, the voter turnout was only 10%. I hope you took advantage of your right as a American citizen and voted on Tuesday!

This weekend Dad and Chris went to
The Pursuit: Every Mans Call to Biblical Masculinity in Gilbert, Arizona. They will be returning this evening. I wish they'd taken a camera! Oh well, we'll just have to hear a verbal recounting of the conference.

I've been reading these two books as I get ready to write my last major paper for English class. I'm writing a position research paper on U.S. Relations with the U.N., I'm taking the position of U.S. pullout of the U.N. I really like learning about this kind of stuff, but as I'm getting ready to write my draft...I'm finding that it's a tad bit more difficult than I thought. I know I can do it, but it'll definitely be an learning experience for me!
I found of this week that my English teacher is nominating me for the Honors Program English, Rhetoric and Composition II course next semester. That was pretty cool, so now I have to wait until I hear back from the honors program to find out whether or not I've been accepted!

I hope you're enjoy your weekend, so far! I'm afraid mines will be full of the aforementioned research paper. I'm really looking forward to going to church tomorrow!

Love, Adrienne Renea


Jessica said...

Thank you girlie!

Marge said...

Adrienne, you're a young lady after my own heart! I'd love to read your paper about the UN when you're done. And congratulations on being nominated for the honors program. The Lord has obviously given you some wonderful gifts and you are using them for His glory. I'll bet your parents are very proud of you!

sarah said...

ahhh the video stopped...

anyway, congrats (again) on being nominated for honors. and contrary to what you think... your prof will still want to nominate you after you write your paper! personally, i think she will be impressed at your topic choice. it's definitely unique, considered what most people pick for those kinds of papers. good luck... i hope you've made some progress since we last talked!! love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Adie! I'm so very proud of you. *hug* Yay for being nominated for the honors program. :-)