Thursday, January 3, 2008

I-O-W-A! - I like Mike!

Today is the Iowa primary and unless you have been living underground for the past year, you already know that!
I haven't posted anything about this, but I have given my support to Former Ark. Governor Mike Huckabee. This man is a true conservative and support many of the values I believe in. I would encourage you to check out his stance on the issues. I would also recommend checking out Hucks Army.

The votes are in and Obama, Huckabee Win Iowa Caucuses.

I'm sooooo excited! Iowa is the opening caucus and is thought to have a strong impact on the respective parties' presidential nominations.

The Texas primary is March 4th, but because I have school and work that day, I'll probably participate in early voting. If I can get off of work early, I'll be trying to attend my precinct meeting.
I urge all you who are eligible to vote!!! In November we had a state election in Texas there was a measly 10% voter turnout. Even if the issues don't directly affect us, we must take interest in the things happening around us and let our voice be heard!

Adrienne Renea


sarah said...

I've missed THREE posts?!?!?! This is what school does!!!
I really, really want this quarter to be over already. But there's so much more to do!!!! It's very very very very VERY overwhelming. AHHHHHH!!!!! And I am very tired (pronounced tie-red, of course). And confused as to what day it is. If you're going to be obnoxious and decide the Christmas break should be short, at least make the first day a monday. I've been thinking it's Wednesday all day today. And I don't really feel "ready" to go back home. But I need to, because that's the only way I'll get enough work done.
I love how this "blog" of mine on your blog ( :) ) is very serious and only slightly ramble-ish. It's definitely a rant, but a real rant... about something real!!! That reminds me, I realized I never made a blog. So I decided it's now my new year's resolution, seeing as I didn't do it before the new year. ;) i really was trying to think of names for a while, but the last few days, i have no idea *what* i'm thinking about at a given moment... so... yeah. eventually i won't have to steal your blog.
and i promise i will call you tonight!

Melissa said...

I am so glad you like politics. Between your blog and my friend Bethany's...I feel like I am keeping up with the politikin' world.