Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've been tagged by Mrs. Melissa to share five places I want to see/want to see again.

I want to see:

1: London (this has been my dream vacation for several years, hopefully I'll get to go before long!)

2: Bath (site of many Jane Austen scenes!)

3: New York City( I would love to see Rockefeller Center!)

4: California( what a beautiful state and the beaches aren't too bad either!)

5: Farmington, NM ( I want to visit Grace!)

I would like to see again:

1. My grandparent's farm/house in Arkansas( My favorite vacation place!)

2. Chicago( I would like to do some more shopping and attend a taping of Oprah :c))

3. The banks of the Mississippi river in Memphis, Tenn. (big, beautiful water!)

4. San Antonio (the River Walk is so pretty and it's a nice historical city)

5. The Grand Canyon( I haven't been here in that I'm older, I'm sure my prospective would be different.)

Now I tag:
Anna, Mrs. Sweigart, Jessica, and Elizabeth


Melissa said...

Adrienne, seriously, "Mrs. Melissa"? You're a writer for goodness sakes. That would be Miss Melissa. Sheesh (wink wink grin)

Melissa said...

Alas, alack, I am eating humble pie...too many Melissas and I MUST be getting old, 'cause I really though I tagged you...hehehe

Stasha said...

I am a blogger now. I think. Hi!

sarah said...

so... i haven't commented on here in FOREVER!
i just wanted to say... i love you and am so blessed to have you as my friend! it's glorious! actually, beyond glorious. :):)
talk to you tonight, hopefully... and see you in less that 2 weeks! i'm pretty excited. =p

compoundmelody said...

you know who this is...

Anonymous said...

hee hee... Yes, come visit me!! :-)