Sunday, March 30, 2008


So I haven't done any real "updating" blogging in a while so here goes:

Graduation things are coming together: we've got invitations coming in. They look like this ---------->

This Friday, Mrs. Axelson will be taking my senior pictures along with Kiana and Cassia, who are graduating this year.
Allyson is sitting next to me brainstorming ideas for the reception after the graduation and scrapbooking. She likes planning and she comes up with some creative ideas!

March madness has been very entertaining. I was rooting for both Memphis and Texas in the Sweet Sixteen, momentaily forgetting if they both won, they would have to play each other! Happily, they both won! Unfortunantly, I had to choose between the "home team" : Texas or my Dad's favorite and my Mom's alma mater: Memphis. Well Memphis won out quite easily, I've been a fan of theirs for several years and there are personal ties. So today I proudly wore my Memphis basketball jersey as Texas was soundly beat by the Memphis Tigers!

On another note, Allyson's favorite team(I admit, I had a soft spot for them too!) and Tournament Cinderella story, Davidson, narrowly lost to Kansas. It's been a great tournament and it contunially is a testament to the fact that NCAA basketball is much more exciting than NBA!

Chris has been cooking around here. He really into finding new things to cook and bake! Last month he made a Peanut Butter Cheesecake. It was fabulous! It tasted like something from The Cheesecake Factory! For the Superbowl he made a wonderful beef stew and a couple of weeks ago, baked some pork chops. He's become quite a chef! For dinner today he made roasted chicken, mint and onion peas, and roasted potatoe wedges. Ah, it was good! Great Job, Chris!

School and work are going well. English homework is kinda heavy, but all our smaller assignments will culminate in to a big portfolio/research paper at the end of the semester. Only 5 weeks 'til Finals!!! YAAY!

I'm loving my job. It's so wonderful to work with kids. Every work day brings some interesting happenings and its so rewarding to see kids learn! My co-worker are awesome and they make any rough days, smooth. I look forward to one day having kids of my own to teach!

Well there's always some kind of homework assignment due, so I better hop to it and go find out what's coming up for the week!

Christ is the Great Light of the World! He has opened our eyes and given us new life! Hallelujah!

Love, Adrienne Renea


Jessica said...

yay an update! hehe.

Thanks! I'm glad your excited. I'm excited to get started on it its just taking a while. I mean we're listening to the music and stuff but I want to start scenes etc. It makes me nervous that we haven't really started yet. Anyway I'll now stop rambling about choir lol. ttyl! Love you!

sarah said...

my Sunday consisted mostly of practicing and laundry.
so... you should call me and tell me about your day yesterday... hmm. i want to hear about it.
i'm not going to be doing much tonight, so we can talk tonight if that's ok with you...

i really could email you all this, but it's more fun to comment on your blog. :)

Melissa said...

Where do you work?

Colette Frazier said...

We can't watch the tournament here and we are missing it big time! We're big M.M. fans.
Graduation!!!! yay! Have you decided on a school? i probably missed that blog.
I'm glad you love your job and that your brother is a chef--you get to benefit from that one! Go Chris!

J-Wall said...

Super duper update, @!