Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tech Alert!

I'm playing around with the colors on my blog, it's time for a change! I propably won't keep it like this, but I'm having fun figuring out color schemes. Any suggestions?? If anyone knows of sites with nice blogger templates, let me know!! I'm not too good at this stuff!


Colette Frazier said...

I like this look! If i didn't have 4 boys in my house I would definitely be going with pink all over our blog!! but since i'm outnumbered i have to go with more masculine colors:)
Hope you are doing great! wish i could be there for graduation--i check your blog every saturday (blog reading day:) so i'll be looking for grad. pics!

sarah said...

oooo, i like the new theme! very nice! i wish mine was this colorful. making my envious! ;) anyway, i got your cards! i was very excited! i love the turtle card! we will have to discuss it's meaning later... :)

btw... (b-t-w, that is) i finally updated my blog, but it's nothing special, so don't get excited. i may add random pictures later when the camera isn't dead...