Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Class of 2008!

A little over a week ago, we got to celebrate the graduation of two of my very close friends.

After partying the night before, we attended the homeschool ceremony, which was pretty neat. I'm so blessed to have Kiana and Cassia in my life, they are both dear friends who I have had the pleasure of growing with them spiritually .

Kiana and Cassia: I love you both and I pray that as we move on to bigger things that our friendship and relationship with the Lord would just grow stronger!

Allyson with Cassia:

Kamyl, Allyson, Kiana, and Me:

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Jessica said...

haha. It was definantly interesting. It was a little scary to be honest but thank God we had Abe with us! (Steph's bf). He made me feel a little better lol. Its quite sketchy.