Monday, June 30, 2008



I do have reasons to be grateful:

1. I DO have money to buy it

2. It's not a insanely expensive math or science book!

The best reason?

3. I can sell it back!!!!


sarah said...

yes, you can sell it back! that's the great thing about this year's editions... they won't 'go bad' by the time you sell them back! yay!

Marge said...

Yeah, once the girls started taking college classes, I realized what a bargain homeschooling books are! Thankfully I can usually find used ones on or some other place online for a lot less than the bookstore.

J-Wall said...

Ouch... I feel ya girl. Especially since I got stuck with the edition from two years ago. Now I'll have a big worthless government textbook FOREVER!