Sunday, July 6, 2008

White Skirts

Who can resist a pretty white skirt?
Con mi mama y mis hermanas
(trying to practice my spanish!)
How did you spend your Sabbath?


J-Wall said...

Y'all are too cute! Did you plan that? :)

After church we went to lunch with a bunch of people from church. Then we met up with my brother to go see Hancock, played some Guitar Hero, and relaxed at home. *grin*

sarah said...

btw, you just got a hit from my new blog. probably because i just came from there. but there could be another reason. you never know.


*continues on evaluation-of-significant-postings expedition*

Mia said...

Hi! I just found your blog today and really like it! I think y'all look lovely in your white skirts!!


sarah said...

yeah, i was up pretty late last night having a mass meeting with all those blog writers. webcam would have been easy, but i don't have one. so it was all email, and gmail chat, and text messaging, arranging for them all to post. i even told some them they could repeat a previous post, pretty much. didn't have to be original, you'd just have to see the little bold-text (1) or more than (1) next to the blog title. i've got lots new connections now, even though they don't all like me because i did all the 'connecting' at 3 in the morning. oh well. =p i'll tell you even more about it later! heh...
i think i like doing blog reviews. :)

Beth said...

You all look so cute!