Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm sitting here watching the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Beijing. The Chinese did an amazing job; I watched in awe the opening performances. There were thousands of people working together in unison to create a beautiful thing!
Right now we are watching parade of nations. The countries are not going in order so I'm sitting here watching all the nations instead of just watching the United States walk across the screen.
I think it's pretty awesome that in all the conflict in our world and the attitudes different countries have towards each other, several hundred countries are coming together for a common purpose. The Olympics make me excited! I love cheering on the Americans from my living room.
Some sports I'm particularly looking forward to watching are swimming, gymnastics, and track and field.
Here's a story to get you into the Olympic spirit: 1,500m runners living American dream at games

Love, Adrienne Renea

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