Friday, December 15, 2006

Co-op Christmas Party!

Food! No party complete without it.

Logan and Mrs. Patti, putting on her "joy!"

Kari Quote: "party all day!"

Daniel and his "red hat" ornament

(no, he did not keep it)

Co-op families!

Us, with food!

The party was fun, Christmas parties with lots of foods always are. I recieved lots of awesome goodies. I really think Sarah, Leslie, and Kari want me to break out with the large amounts of Chocolate I was fed today. Emily and Jessica: what's better than Starbucks? I really should have took a picture of myself walking around with Kari's big box of Whitman's Chocolate. This time of year is such a struggle in the nutrition department. I shall "find myself" sometime in the new year!

We have a Round Robin tomorrow at the Copple's. I'll be there observing, critiquin', and socializin'. If I remember I'll take some pictures and post them here. I love going to the Copple's house and I want to see their sweet horse Ed.
So long!
Love, Adie


Anonymous said...

Eeee!! The Christmas Party *I* got a video from. :-) I feel special.

-Madame Zebra

Adrienne Renea said...

You ARE Special, Grace!