Saturday, December 16, 2006

Round Robin at the Copple's

Whoo-ho! Round Robins are awesome. Oh, I really want to debate now! So I guess I'm sorta looking for a partner, but I don't know. I have certain expectations and things I'd like to have in a partner. I'm not anywhere near "really good", but I'd hope to have a partner who's striving for high goals and maybe will even push me along! I'm really looking foward to the Round Robin at the Stracks in January. All I know for now is that I'll be competing in Impromtu there. If someone needs a partner I'll be avaliable!

I had an interesting day and the most exciting part? It would definantly be running after the Copple's chickens, who had escaped into the corral. The poor horses and cows were kinda looking at us weird, I mean who runs after chickens? Adrienne doesn't! At least we THOUGHT, she didn't.

Anyway here's some proof of fun times:

Copple/Copple vs. Renfro/Strack

Ashley, me and Emily!

Ze LD'ers ( clockwise from left: Megan, Grace, Nathan, Josha, Amber and Ericka)

Emily, Allyson, Laura, Jasmine, Joy, and Josh

Rachel and Sarah jumpin' hay bales


J-Wall said...

Ok, you guys had too much fun. I hope you managed to finally catch the chickens? :P

Anonymous said...

Adrienne, you're such a doll. Dave and I are overwhelmed by the love and hospitality we received from your family (and our whole church). We also appreciate very much the example you are of a godly young woman who adorns the gospel of Christ! (It is our aim to raise our daughters to be like you and your sister!) You're so sweet. And welcome to the blog world! I can't wait to read your upcoming posts!!!! :)

sarah said...

question: why are there no chicken chase pictures?

by the way that's an adorable profile pic you have... :-p

Anonymous said...

Aww.. I miss you guys. *hugs* I'll see you in a week, Adie! <3

And ditto what Sarah said... why AREN'T there any chicken chase pictures? :-P

-Madame Zebra

Adrienne Renea said...

We dodn't need to view those disturbing images! Besides...I took none! :c)

Anonymous said...

hee hee...

-Madame Z.