Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Jesus Christ was born this time of year. That's why we celebrate, right? But often times we don't see farther than the miracle birth of Jesus Christ to the virgin, Mary. This world, though it may recognize Christmas as Jesus Christ's birthday, refuses to see farther than the sweet baby Jesus being born in a stable. It's safe and no one is offended.

There is SO much more! We were all born with sin and the price for sin is death! This sweet baby was miraculously born to bear our sins on Calvary! This baby born in the stable intercedes for us and washes away our sins with his blood.

It's often said that Baby Jesus is the greatest Gift, he is that. But He is far more than just a great teacher and miracle worker. He is our Salvation. This wonderful Gift is Salvation!

Looking at it this way, it brings more meaning to Christmas than just the parties, presents, and people!
Pastor VanWright preached a wonderful sermon yesterday, showing us the deeper meaning of this Season, from the time Jesus was born in Bethlehem he had one mission: to die for us.

God really showed me this Christmas that trying to find meaning in things of this world will leave me feeling quite empty. Keeping my eyes on Christ leaves me full of His Love.

I pray that God will bless you this Holiday season and that you truly remember the true meaning of this Glorious Holiday!


Adrienne Renea

P.S. I hope that post wasn't too rambled :c)


J-Wall said...

Thanks for posting this chica - it was a blessing to me. Merry Christmas to you as well! I hope it was blessed. Talk to you tomorrow. :) *Hugs*

J-Wall said...

Hey again. :) In reply to your awesome comments: my mad translation skills are very thankful for Babelfish. ;) I will gladly come eat your cookies and drink your hot chocolate!

And I do definitely take into account the Post Office as far as shipping problems go - they are responsible for a lot of delays. But the package itself wasn't mailed for over a week, which is why I gave her a neutral. I do think she could use some work on her customer relations. ;)

Oh, and after I called you on Tuesday, I realized I didn't say what time it was lol. Sorry.
Love ya! - meeee