Sunday, May 27, 2007

There's No Ship Like Friendship

For three years, I have have been attending a history/literature/writing co-op that meets every Friday. My mom was introduced to the group by my friend Sarah's mom. I had meet the girls in the co-op through Sarah over IM. We joined the summer after I had kind of "met" everybody and this group has now become an intricate part of my life. The girls in the group( including Leslie, who now attends SBS) have become a intricate part of my life. This past year was our last year all together, Kari and Sarah have both now graduated and Emily, Leslie, and I will next year.

Emily, Jessica, Kari, Leslie, and Sarah: I just wanted to let ya'll know you guys mean a lot to me. I cannot picture what the last three would have been like without you! Even though I was one of the later joiners of the group, you girls welcomed and treated me like I had been there forever. I will never forget the inside jokes, sleepovers, birthday parties, IM conversation,the four-way calls, and our obsessions with certain things(*cough* you know what I'm talking about!) No matter how far we roam I know that I've built a unbreakable bond with you!

Good Luck to Sarah and Kari as they head to the next step of life.

Emily and Leslie: Seniority Rocks! So let's have an awesome Senior year!

Jessica: Keep Smiling and making me laugh, the good times will continue to roll!(Party at my house :cP)


Leslie and Emily

Kari and Sarah
The whole class! Me, Sarah and Jessica

Us, at the Graduation/Birthday Party this past weekend!

Love, Adrienne Renea


Jessica said...

awww..... *tear* i luv you! We will party a lot!

J-Wall said...

What a sweet entry!! It's such a blessing to have friends like that in our lives. :)