Friday, June 1, 2007

Headline Homeschoolers

A California Homeschooler, Evan O'Dorney, 13, won the 2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee. This lover of music and math won the bee by spelling "serrefine". He is also a 8Th grade math whiz who plans on taking Calculus this fall.
Read a full account of his win here:

Congratulations, Evan!

When we turn it on last night, they were down to the final two spellers. These guys were amazing! They knew their stuff! It got really tense when the last two were going back and forth.... everytime someone got up there, I was rooting for them! I didn't want either one to miss. Props to all the particpants of the bee. It's no small feat to memorize all those words! Especially the ones you can't pronounce!

I had a few experiences with spelling bees back in elementary school, they didn't turn out so well. My best placing was 2ND out of three!! Usually, they were pretty fun. :c)

Love, Adrienne Renea

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J-Wall said...

Hey that's cool! I didn't know he was a homeschooler. :) We are some smart cookies, eh?