Monday, December 17, 2007

What's Going On?

It's been awhile:

1. Finals have come and gone! English was easy and no studying was necessary. Spanish involved a lot of studying and I'm sure I didn't study enough! The exams themselves were not that hard. In the end, I have an A in English and a B in Spanish. I'm hoping to get the Spanish grade up to an A next semester!

2. We're registered for spring '08 classes...yes, you heard correctly, "we"! Chris will be joining me at Cy-Fair in the spring to take English 1301! He's registered and eager to work! I will be taking Honors English 1302 and Beginning Spanish II. I'm really looking forward to the Honors English class. The instructor is really nice and it looks to be a interesting class! The way my class schedule is structure, I'll be going from school,and straight to work. Tuesday and Thursday will be busy days!

3. Christmas is here!

Our Christmas Tree:

The Nativity

Allyson and I attended a Christmas Party last Wednesday:

Alison and Allyson:

I so enjoy relating to many of my friends who I haven't seen much of since school started. We've got a couple of more parties coming up, so look forward to more pictures!

I always use the holiday break as an excuse to catch up on movies I haven't had time to see at the theater and on DVD. Last Saturday I went to see August Rush with Sarah and Mrs. Myers. It was a really good. Music lovers would appreciate it, especially. I'm looking forward to seeing National Treasure: Book of Secrets and The Great Debaters. Movies are always a great time to eat an extraordinary amount of candy :c)

I'm really excited about seeing the
Fraziers this Sunday! It will be so wonderful to see how big the boys have grown and hear more about living in India.

I hope everyone is enjoying all the excitements of Christmas!
Love much,
Adrienne Renea


sarah said...

yay for finals being over with!
yay for Christmas decorations!
yay for the Christmas party!
and yay for seeing movies!


oh, and yay for being harmonically connected to the universe... hmm. i've really been wanting to write a song or something. i think that's something i should do over the break. I'll try to keep it from being too emo (it's me, so it will be a little emo). of course, no one will ever hear it, but i can at least say i've written a song other than the... ummm.... plungersong... *cough*

i don't think i quite made your post any more 'exciting.' but i tried. :)

sarah said...

i had more finals than you did. and i'm registered for more classes than you are. i'm registed for all my classes till my senior year. and i'm graduating 2 years early. i'm graduating faster than anyone else.

my schedule is busier than yours.

my Christmas tree and decorations are better than yours. I invented Christmas decorations. I've been to more Christmas parties than you have. They were better than any you went to. I saw more friends. I have more friends than you do. I'm know everyone.

I've seen more movies than you have, and they are all better. i wrote, acted in, directed, and produced them all. i also ate more candy than you. like, 2392847384 bags. i invented gummy worms.

*twirls hair*

so, yeah.

*raises chin in self-satisfaction*

sarah said...

that should be "I know everyone." in the last post.

i can make more typo's than anyone else. i invented them.

Anonymous said...

You look very pretty in that picture. :-) So does Allyson.

I'm going to see National Treasure too!! Sometime... :-P You'll have to tell me if the Great Debators is any good. It sounds interesting.

I love you!

-Zebra Girl

PS - Way to go with the finals!