Sunday, December 23, 2007

Party, Party!

This is going to be a long post full of pictures!

The Copple's hosted the care group Christmas party at their home. We ate lots! But I think every one's favorite part was gingerbread(graham cracker) house decorating!

Lots of Chocolate and artistic creativity was revealed!

We sang Christmas carols, chatted over hot stew and ate lots of yummy goodies!

As you can see our care group is pretty small. Our small group has grown and then diminished at various times and seems to be ever changing! I really enjoy the families we get to relate to in our care group.


We couldn't let the Christmas season get by without getting together! Though our history co-op no longer meets, we joined together for a reunion of sorts and had a Christmas party!

Exchanging Gifts:

Ornament Exchange:

Oh wow, it was fun. The guys seemed to end up with more feminine gifts: Daniel got a shoe, Logan a "Red Hat Society" snowman, and Michael a hulaing santa( or was it a snowman?) Needless to say, there was a lot of exchanging going on! The girls always exchange presents and I got a lot of nifty gifts and a extraordinary amount of chocolate.

I love people! Christmas make it a lot easier to gather with people I haven't seen in awhile!
I hope you've got all your shopping done and don't have to venture out in the Christmas Eve rush. Tomorrow morning we start baking all our Christmas desserts!

Much Love and Merry Christmas,
Adrienne Renea

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sarah said...

Well, it's actually past midnight that I'm checking this (not 11:15).

Yes, you have posted.

No, I haven't watched the video. It's hard to get the room to yourself (without the tv on - yes, it's STILL on - and without any questions such as "WHAT are you WATCHING?"... i don't like those questions. because, when you answer them, the situation gets worse. i can see it in my head: "WHAT is it?" "WHY are you watching it?" "WHO is that?" "is THAT the person you paid money to go see?!" etc. etc... ok that is a total dramatization, but, that's an explanation of why i try to avoid those kinds of questions at all costs, unless it's something easily explainable.).

i'm sorry i totally just left you an insane ramble of i don't know what when i said i'd only do that if you didn't actually post... you've probably already had enough of my rambling for a long time!!!