Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Why not post this Wednesday about something that happened last Wednesday!?

To celebrate several graduations, all the girl's from
the history co-op that we attended, gathered for a little party. All but three of us, are now graduated and are already in college or will be leaving this fall.

Here we are!

We gathered at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, then headed over to the Miller's for ice cream cake:

We had quite a time trying to cut the frozen hard cake, sooo what's a girl to do?

Why blow-dry it of course!

It was delicious, I love cake! :c)

We opened gifts and cards, talked about college stuff and watch a slideshow Emily and Jessica made for the graduates. It was lovely. Emily, Leah, and Leslie will be leaving this fall and I am sad. I'm looking forward to holiday breaks!

Love you, girls!

masked bandits
Class of 2008

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