Monday, September 15, 2008

The "Ike" Story Part III

So Saturday afternoon, we arrived to our house and found no damage. We looked through our back windows and found our back fence on two sides totally blown down:

But other than that and maybe a few shingles:

I'm so grateful that God spared out house from any damage from strong winds or fallen trees! Our neighbors made out pretty well too! A few fallen trees but nothing serious:

Best of all? We had power and running water! These amenities were(and still are!) very sporadic all over the city and other surrounding areas. We had no internet and our landlines weren't working, but we could get some cell phone coverage. We came home and turned to the television on to more devastation.

It was so sad to see the complete demolition of so many homes. These weren't just buildings! They are people's homes! All their photos, furniture, and other personal items! Gone! My heart is hurting for these people. Please keep them in your prayers!


Adrienne Renea

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