Monday, September 15, 2008

The "Ike" Story Part II

So we went to the Pauls and had a great evening hanging out with them. We watched the news as Ike crept closer and closer to the Texas coast. At dusk we observed a beautiful purple and gold sunset, I wish I had gotten a picture of it! By 10 0'clock, many of the buildings and houses on the beach were already feeling the effects of the impending storm.

We prepared for bed; we wondered how the storm would affect us.

Around 2 0'clock, I woke up and realized: Ike had arrived. Though we are a good 50+ miles from the coast the storm sent strong, whistling winds our way. The rain poured well into the late morning. After a very fitful night of sleep, we awoke to no electricity...a few minuted later though, it clicked back on! Mrs. Paul made everybody a delicious breakfast and soon after we ate, the electricity clicked off again. It went on this way throughout the morning. During this we were able to catch snatches of the news and see the devastation from the storm.

The cell phone connections were weak and I struggled to call and find out new from friends around the city. By way of text messaging, I was able to get information. I learned of the tornado at my friend's neighborhood, which badly damaged their house. I also was able to hear of changes in the status of electricity across the city.

That afternoon we returned to our house. On the way home we took in all the fallen trees and blown down fences in the areas near us:

A fallen tree seen through my rain-dropped window

A torn billboard

There was no bad damage in our neighborhood and we had high hopes for our house!

Part III coming soon!

Love, Adrienne

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