Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nothing but Time!

Both my job and school are closed this weekend, so I've gotta a lot of time on my hands! Because of it's proximity to the coast, church has been canceled too!

I do have some things from school to study for, but with no weekend plans, I'm going to be doing some other things around the house. One of my priorities? Updating my blog!

There are some other important things like-

  • Clean my closet

  • Do laundry

  • Catch up on reading

  • Return e-mail!

So I hope that I don't get lazy, but instead utilize this "at-home" time!

My family won't be evacuating, we're far enough from the coast and usually there is only rain and wind this far north.

Please pray for the safety for all those who are evacuating.

1 comment:

Grl4God said...

Uggghh, I hate cleaning out my closet! :P