Monday, September 15, 2008

The "Ike" Story: Told in Parts

Well, I planned on blogging all weekend!
(yeah I know you didn't believe that!)

Alas, Ike took out our internet for a good two days!
So what happened? I guess I’ll start near the beginning.

So there was this hurricane name Ike….He was headed straight to the Texas Gulf Coast.

My dad originally suggested that we head to Dallas to stay with my mom’s sister. Well, we really didn’t want to do that and the storm wasn’t expected to really affect us.

So about Thursday everything started to close, to prepare for Ike’s landfall, early Saturday morning. I didn't go to work Thursday afternoon and all schools were closed on Friday. So it kinda was like a mini-vacation. We started Friday, getting the house ready for any strong winds. We taped and covered windows with mattresses and went to the store for food.

Dad has to work twelve-hour shift through the duration of the hurricane and its aftermath, so he knew he wouldn’t be home most of the weekend. So Friday afternoon he informed us that we would be going to stay at a friends house for the duration of the actual storm. So we prepared for an overnight stay with the Paul’s and headed over there Friday evening.

More coming soon!

Love, Adrienne Renea

P.S. Please continue to pray for those who don’t have homes to return to or whose homes were badly damaged as a result of the storm. There are also many who are without electricity or clean water, pray for provision for them!

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sarah said...

stay tuned for more UNBELIEVABLE coverage of Recovering from Ike: Adrienne's Story.