Wednesday, March 18, 2009

...but I should be doing...

I should be doing some research for my Poly Sci paper, but instead I'm tooling around checking out friend's blogs. I love how blogging helps me to keep up with everyone, get a glimpse into the life of people I can't always be actively involved with.

This evening we had bible study. I love our bible study. We hold it at our house and my Dad leads it. We have 4 families(besides us) that attend regularly. I really enjoy relating with people through the "caregroup" setting: we have a meal, worship, discuss, then eat and talk some more!

We are currently going through the book: Worldliness Edited by CJ Mahaney.

An excellent book with chapters written by leaders in Sovereign Grace Ministries.

This evening we discussed the music chapter and talked about our heart and how we respond to, prioritize, and discern the role that music plays in our lives. A very eye-opening chapter that really provoked me to question whether or not I idolize music and if I'm discerning about what I listen to and why I listen to it!

Ah, it's back to the homework, so I can go to bed at a reasonable hour! Or is it too late for that? :)

Love, Adrienne Renea

P.S. Three days of blogging and exercising! whoo-hoo!

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J-Wall said...

You go girl!
And I'm sorry for not being on top of things either... I think I was half asleep on the couch after painting one of our bedrooms. :P

Tomorrow I'm off all day so you can try me anytime? :)