Tuesday, March 17, 2009

blogging and exercising

So my goals for this week:

  • Blog every day
  • Exercise every day

I did both yesterday, so I'm on track. Of course it's only Tuesday! I'm going to be leavingto work soon, so I won't have time to do the "exercise" part of my resolution this afternoon. But hopefully, I won't be too out of it this evening to do it! I may skip my scheduled watching of American Idol so I can get everything in.

School was fun today, Environmental Science wasn't too sleep inducing and I love discussing issues in my political science class. Now I'm headed off to work, which continues to be a neat challenge in my life. Working with kids from so many backgrounds can be an adventure!

Do you have any particular goals for this week? What are they?

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Adrienne Renea


J-Wall said...

*gasp*... skip American Idol? ;) Hope your day at work went smoothly and you get a chance to exercise this evening.

One of my goals is similar to yours... to revive my blog!

I will probably be doing absolutely NOTHING at 4:30 on Wednesday. ;) I'm off work so I'm hoping to paint our guest room and get some cleaning done around the house. By 4:30 I'll probably be worn out and sitting down waiting for your phone call. Bwahaha.

Melissa said...

My goal is to spend my time more wisely by cutting out almost all TV and replacing it with something edifying.