Monday, March 16, 2009

spring? are you here for good?

So I think Spring Break is definitely a teaser trailer for the Summer. Emphasis on "tease". Spring Break was great. :) Just not long enough.
I did get to see some of my lovely friends and spend some time with the family, but unfortunately my school decided to have SB on the opposite week of most schools in our area..therefore...most of my friends are "breakin'" this week.
So, summer is going to be grand. I can tell :)

Classes are going great. Poly Sci being my favorite, of course! I'm beginning to write a paper on judicial activism in the Supreme Court. I am super stoked! The research has begun and I'm enjoying every minute of it!
I'm already looking to the summer as I'll have 5 more hrs. to complete. I'm going to most likely be taking a literature class(yes!! and it's over ancient world lit!!) and a computer class(um, yeah not as much fun). It's only two and only for 6 weeks, the second half of the summer will be freeee! Good stuff:) I'm also pretty excited 'cause several weeks ago, Allyson and I along with some friends bought tickets to see Coldplay. They won't be here til July...can't wait!

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J-Wall said...

It's so weird how they stagger spring break. :P

Only you would be stoked about a paper on judicial activism in the Supreme Court. *laughs*

I'm stoked about making it through the first summer session so I can enjoy the last 6 weeks of summer too! Woot!